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Privacy Policy

    SRHM-WC seeks to protect the information provided by our members and by users of this website by using firewalls and other security measures.  SHRM-WC does not collect sensitive personal information (dates of birth, social security numbers, etc.) nor do we collect or store credit card information. No security system is foolproof, however, so we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse, or alteration of the data will not occur.  Sensitive information such as a credit card number will be encrypted before it is transmitted.

    Please practice good Internet hygiene.  Always log out of your browser at the end of your session, for example.

    For answers to questions about PayPal, please click here to leave this site and be re-directed to the PayPal Security Center.

    SHRM WC Non-solicitation Policy: No member may actively solicit business from any other member at Chapter meetings or by using information provided to Chapter members (e.g., membership roster). Members may solicit business in general via approved outlets (e.g., web site page, information table at meetings, meeting sponsors). The Board may approve restricted use of membership information by SHRM or a particular member or organization. Use of the Membership Directory as a mailing list is strictly prohibited.